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Killarney Towers Hotel

  Address Killarney Town Centre, Killarney, Co. Kerry, R. Ireland.
  Amenities Swimming Pool, Sauna, Steamroom, Gym
  Type  5 star Hotel
  County Kerry
Killarney Towers Hotel, Killarney

Killarney Towers Hotel

Enjoying a dominant position on Killarney's College Street, the Killarney Towers Hotel offers guests all the luxury that you would expect from a modern and sophisticated hotel eloquently complemented by the ever-growing plethora of attractions that Killarney town has to offer.

From the moment you enter the sanctuary of the Killarney Towers Hotel you instantly recognize the value and appreciation that each member of our staff effortlessly conveys to you. We appreciate that this is your time to relax a time unwind and a time to recharge.

The Killarney Towers Hotel & Leisure Centre offers guests an extensive array onsite leisure facilities, dining options, bars and evening entertainment all of which we infused to offer you a choice of seasonal special offers.