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Harvey's Point Hotel

  Address Lough Eske, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal, R. Ireland.
  Amenities Golf, Fly Fishing, Walking Tours, Canoeing, Archery
  Type  4 star Hotel
  County Donegal
Harveys Point, Lough Eske

Harvey's Point Hotel

Hidden in the hills of Donegal, Harvey’s Point is a unique, luxurious 74 bedroom hotel featuring the very best in accommodation to international standards, fine dining cuisine and traditional Irish hospitality. Owned and managed by the Swiss family Gysling, this hotel has developed into the market leader of the Northwest and is striving to become one of the leading hotels in Ireland.

At the heart of every good business, there is a dedicated team who co-ordinate all the elements of the hotel and drive continuous improvement.

Some work behind the scenes, some work front of house, but all are commited to excellence in customer care and standards.