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Darroch Learg

  Address Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  Amenities Antique Furniture, En-Suite Bathroom, Tea and Coffee Making Facilities
  Type  4 star Hotel
  County Aberdeenshire
Darroch Learg, Scotland

Darroch Learg

The Darroch Learg - one of Royal Deeside's favourite hotels - is known for its relaxing charm, lovely situation and fine restaurant. Darroch Learg is run by Nigel and Fiona Franks, having been in the Franks' family for over 40 years.

Darroch Learg was built in 1888 in fashionable Royal Deeside. Its old Gaelic name translates as 'the oak wood on the sunny hillside'. Originally it was a country residence and it still retains the ambience and relaxing informality which makes you feel like a house guest in a private mansion.

Darroch Learg boasts a fine vantage point above Ballater, on the slopes of Craigendarroch, the rocky 'Hill of Oaks' which creates such a fine backdrop to the village. The paths around the hotel grounds lead directly onto Craigendarroch and the walk to the top or round the hill is among the very best.

As you enter Darroch Learg, quality is immediately in evidence with Wilton carpet and tasteful antiques. The public rooms retain the charm of their private mansion days, with a drawing room and seperate smoke room. Books on Scotland and the north-east abound - or you might prefer to occupy yourself with Scrabble or Chess.