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Ballyportry Castle

  Address Ballyportry, Corofin, Co. Clare, R. Ireland.
  Amenities Underfloor Heating, Open Fireplace, Medieval Style Furniture
  Type Exclusive Use Properties
  County Clare
Ballyportry Castle, Burren

Ballyportry Castle

The Gaelic Tower House of Ballyportry contains six bedrooms and two bathrooms with showers as well as a guest bathroom at the ground floor entrance.

The 6 floored Tower House is furnished in an authentic way using fabrics in keeping with the late 15th Century. The sheets and pillowcases are of linen, and wool blankets from Co. Tipperary complete the dressing of the beds. All the furnishings reflect the time of late medieval Ireland, a time of hospitality, song, and poetry in Gaelic Tower Houses. To this end the best of craftsmanship is used through out in the ongoing process of furnishing the five hundred year old Gaelic Tower House.